Corpse Pose.png

Corpse Pose (Popular Science)

“Vesalius’ heart may connect him to heaven, but his butt is in a plastic bin by his feet.”

For this feature about yogis who hang out at cadaver labs, I visited the basement of a Longmont, Colorado funeral home that doubles as an unusual education center.

Should Childhood Trauma Be Treated as a Public Health Crisis? (NPR)

“It's more than just ‘toughen up and deal with it,’ ” he says.

A new study shows strong links between childhood trauma and adult illness, poverty, and addiction. I spoke with researchers about how to turn that new knowledge into public policy.


Sex and the Supermarket (JSTOR Daily)

“She stoops near the floor, mainlining coffee and smoking a cigarette while a neighbor’s child climbs up the wall.”

Supermarkets were once new—and touted as places where women could satisfy their every need. I tracked down their sweet sell to midcentury housewives, and the bitter biases that still linger in their aisles.