Corpse Pose.png

Corpse Pose (Popular Science)

“His butt is in a plastic bin by his feet.”

For this feature, I visited the basement of a Longmont, Colorado mortuary after hours—and received a very unusual anatomy lesson.

Childhood Trauma NPR.jpg

Should Childhood Trauma Be Treated as a Public Health Crisis? (NPR)

“It’s more than just ‘toughen up and deal with it,’” he says.

New research confirms links between adverse events in childhood and addiction, poverty and health problems in adulthood. I asked the experts how to turn that knowledge into help for survivors.


Sex and the Supermarket (JSTOR Daily)

“She stoops near the floor, mainlining coffee and smoking a cigarette while a neighbor’s child climbs up the wall.”

Supermarkets were once new. I uncover the sweet sell they once made to midcentury housewives—and the bitter biases that linger in their aisles.